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 [Tutorial]: Cum puteti asculta muzica in COUNTER !

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PostSubject: [Tutorial]: Cum puteti asculta muzica in COUNTER !   Sat Jul 23, 2011 9:16 am

Cum pot asculta muzica in Counter Strike?

PASUL 1: Creati un folder cu numele "MP3"in cstrike folder
(exemplu: C:\Steam\SteamApps\your@email\counter-strike\cstrike\MP3 sau D:\Counter-Strike\Cstrike\MP3)

PASUL 2: Cu acest script puteti pune numai 16 melodii mp3 ! Va alegeti cele 16 mp3 si le redenumiti (1.mp3 , 2.mp3 , 3.mp3 ... 16.mp3)

PASUL 3: Copiati scriptul de mai jos paste in Wordpad si il salvati cu numele "AUTOEXEC.CFG" in cstrike folder !

~# Cum se foloseste acest script Razz #~
~> Intrati in Counter-Strike apasati "`" si scrieti exec AUTOEXEC.cfg
~> 1. [Alegerea melodiei] apasati "[" pana cand gasiti melodia preferata .
~> 2. [Volume Control] apasati "]" pana va alegeti volumul dorit .
~> 3. [Opreste muzica] apasati "P" si muzica se va opri.


bind "[" "MP3PLAY" // this cycles thru the songs
bind "]" "VolumeCycle" // this cycles thru the MP3 volume settings
bind "p" "MP3 stop; say .:]~[:. zufErkidD_'s Steam MP3 Script .:]~[:. ]~[ OFF ]~["
volume 0.4 // acesta este volumul recomandat in joc !

alias "MP3PLAY" "tunes1"
alias "tunes1" "MP3 play MP3/1; alias MP3PLAY tunes2; say Im Using .:]~[:. zufErkidD_'s MP3 Steam Script .:]~[:. "
alias "tunes2" "MP3 play MP3/2; alias MP3PLAY tunes3"
alias "tunes3" "MP3 play MP3/3; alias MP3PLAY tunes4"
alias "tunes4" "MP3 play MP3/4; alias MP3PLAY tunes5"
alias "tunes5" "MP3 play MP3/5; alias MP3PLAY tunes6"
alias "tunes6" "MP3 play MP3/6; alias MP3PLAY tunes7"
alias "tunes7" "MP3 play MP3/7; alias MP3PLAY tunes8"
alias "tunes8" "MP3 play MP3/8; alias MP3PLAY tunes9"
alias "tunes9" "MP3 play MP3/9; alias MP3PLAY tunes10"
alias "tunes10" "MP3 play MP3/10; alias MP3PLAY tunes11"
alias "tunes11" "MP3 play MP3/11; alias MP3PLAY tunes12"
alias "tunes12" "MP3 play MP3/12; alias MP3PLAY tunes13"
alias "tunes13" "MP3 play MP3/13; alias MP3PLAY tunes14"
alias "tunes14" "MP3 play MP3/14; alias MP3PLAY tunes15"
alias "tunes15" "MP3 play MP3/15; alias MP3PLAY tunes16"
alias "tunes16" "MP3 play MP3/16; alias MP3PLAY tunes1"


alias "VolumeCycle" "MP3V1"
alias "MP3V1" "MP3Volume 0.1; alias VolumeCycle MP3V2"
alias "MP3V2" "MP3Volume 0.2; alias VolumeCycle MP3V3"
alias "MP3V3" "MP3Volume 0.3; alias VolumeCycle MP3V4"
alias "MP3V4" "MP3Volume 0.4; alias VolumeCycle MP3V5"
alias "MP3V5" "MP3Volume 0.5; alias VolumeCycle MP3V6"
alias "MP3V6" "MP3Volume 0.6; alias VolumeCycle MP3V7"
alias "MP3V7" "MP3Volume 0.7; alias VolumeCycle MP3V8"
alias "MP3V8" "MP3Volume 0.8; alias VolumeCycle MP3V9"
alias "MP3V9" "MP3Volume 0.9; alias VolumeCycle MP3V10"
alias "MP3V10" "MP3Volume 1.0; alias VolumeCycle MP3V11"
alias "MP3V11" "MP3Volume 0.9; alias VolumeCycle MP3V12"
alias "MP3V12" "MP3Volume 0.8; alias VolumeCycle MP3V13"
alias "MP3V13" "MP3Volume 0.7; alias VolumeCycle MP3V14"
alias "MP3V14" "MP3Volume 0.6; alias VolumeCycle MP3V15"
alias "MP3V15" "MP3Volume 0.5; alias VolumeCycle MP3V16"
alias "MP3V16" "MP3Volume 0.4; alias VolumeCycle MP3V17"
alias "MP3V17" "MP3Volume 0.3; alias VolumeCycle MP3V18"
alias "MP3V18" "MP3Volume 0.2; alias VolumeCycle MP3V1"
echo Loaded Script Audio
echo \m/
echo Script By Smilley and CaLLiN'z[;x]
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[Tutorial]: Cum puteti asculta muzica in COUNTER !
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